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There is no better taste than the taste of a fresh fruit or vegetable!

There is no food offering to our organism more nutrients or more dietary fibre than a fresh fruit or vegetable!

There is no greater relief than being certain that the fruits and vegetables you provide to your customers, your friends or even your family are fresh, healthy, safe.


The Traders Association of Thessaloniki Central Fruit and Vegetable Market (S.E.K.L.TH.) shares a common vision. To handle with professionalism and consistency all these issues provided for by the national and international regulations and bearing on food hygiene and safety, with a view to never disappoint you in your expectations.


In this site you may find in alphabetical order the names of the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market's Traders, who meet the requirements of your firm, but also the location of their firm in the building complex of K.A.TH.


The Board of Directors of S.E.K.L.TH.

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